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Celebrating Excellence in Early Childhood Education: Region II Head Start 2023 Awards

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

At the highly anticipated 2023 conference, the Early Childhood Education community is gearing up for an exceptional event- the Head Start Awards Ceremony. This prestigious occasion will honor the extraordinary individuals and programs that have made significant contributions to the field, touching the lives of children, families, and communities in profound ways. Nominations for the various awards are now open, and if you know someone deserving of recognition, or if you are one yourself, this is the chance to shine! Please click here to nominate yourself, or someone you know for the following awards.

1. Teacher of the Year: Recognizing Exemplary Care and Commitment

The Teacher of the Year award aims to highlight the remarkable educators who go above and beyond in their dedication to their Head Start programs. These exceptional teachers possess a unique blend of exceptional care for the children under their guidance, an infectious positivity that uplifts everyone around them, and an unwavering commitment to supporting colleagues, parents, and the community every day.

2. Director of the Year: Empowering Leaders Transforming Education

The Director of the Year award celebrates visionary leaders who have displayed exemplary guidance and management skills within their programs and the larger early childhood education landscape. These directors inspire their teams to strive for excellence, while also focusing on the professional growth and development of both their staff and the children under their care.

3. Program/Grantee of the Year: Fostering Nurturing and Stimulating Environments

This award acknowledges a program or grantee that has gone the extra mile in providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children they serve. The Program/Grantee of the Year stands out not only for the quality of care they offer but also for their active engagement with staff and the wider community. Their welcoming, safe, and fun spaces make a positive impact on children, teachers, and families alike.

4. Emerging Leader: Recognizing Potential and Inspiring Change

The Emerging Leader award celebrates individuals who show exceptional promise in leadership roles. These remarkable individuals demonstrate the capacity to lead colleagues, drive positive change, and inspire bold and creative problem-solving. Their dedication to fostering teamwork and collaboration among staff, families, and the community sets them apart as future trailblazers in the field.

5. Innovation Award (Recruitment, Retention, Enrollment): Honoring Creativity and Success

This award acknowledges programs or grantees that have embraced creativity and innovation in the areas of staff recruitment and retention, and/or child enrollment. By implementing novel strategies or practices, the winners of this award have achieved remarkable results in attracting and retaining talented staff or enrolling children successfully, furthering the mission of Head Start.

6. Emergency Preparedness Award: Ensuring Safety and Security

Sponsored by the Institute for Childhood Preparedness, the Emergency Preparedness Award pays tribute to individuals who have displayed exceptional commitment to keeping their programs safe and secure. Whether a teacher, staff member, or site director, the awardee stands out for their dedication to emergency preparedness, inspiring others to prioritize safety in their Head Start programs.

As we eagerly anticipate the Head Start Awards Ceremony at the 2023 conference, we encourage everyone to submit nominations for those outstanding individuals and programs that have left an indelible mark on the lives of young children, families, and communities. Let us come together to celebrate excellence in early childhood education and honor those whose passion, dedication, and innovation have transformed the lives of many for the better.

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