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Food Manager Certification to be Offered at the 2023 Region II Head Start Association Conference

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Region II Head Start Association has partnered with The Institute of Childhood Preparedness to bring you the opportunity to acquire a nationally accredited Food Manager Certification. This course and certification is ANSI accredited, meaning that it meets the required national standards for Food Protection Manager Certification Programs. We are planning to offer this 8-hour course in-person at our 2023 Region II Head Start conference for your convenience. This course will include one day of live instruction from a food safety expert. The next day the participants will sit for their exam. The certification is valid for five years.


Day One

Day Two

  • 9am to 12pm: Class

  • Lunch Break

  • 1pm to 3pm: Class

  • Proctored exam administered online

  • The exam will be available in both Spanish and English

Course Contents:

The course covers topics such as: Introduction to Food Safety Responsibilities, Contamination and Allergens, Importance of the Food Handler, Time and Temperature Control, Purchasing and Storage, Food Preparation, Service, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Food Safety Management, and Facilities and Pest Management.

Food Manager Certification vs. Food Handler Certification

This is a Food Manager Certification course. Food Manager and Food Handler certifications are both food safety courses, but there is a big difference between the two. The Food Manager Certification is a credential that proves an individual has the knowledge and skills to manage food safety in restaurants, schools, hospitals, or other food service operations. The Food Manager course and the certification covers all aspects of food safety and is widely recognized and respected throughout the United States as being one of the highest food safety certifications that you can receive.


To become a Certified Food Protection Manager, a candidate must pass an online food safety certification examination after the completion of a course recognized by the Conference for Food Protection (CFP), while being monitored by an approved Proctor.

The exam consists of 90 questions. Among these, 80 questions are graded, while an additional 10 questions are included for research purposes only and are not graded. This exam is administered online and requires participants to have a computer. To pass the exam, a minimum score of 70 percent is required, which translates to answering at least 56 questions correctly. Upon passing the exam, the Food Manager Certification is valid for five years.


Each participant will need to pay $350 in order to take the course and exam for certification.


Sign up today to secure your spot. This is an exclusive offering and spaces are limited.

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