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Region II Head Start Association Applauds Collaboration Between New Jersey Head Start and US EPA on Lead Education

Updated: Apr 2

In a commendable effort to enhance child welfare and community health, the New Jersey Head Start Association, Region II Head Start Association, National Environmental Health Association, the Institute for Childhood Preparedness and the US Environmental Protection Agency are joining together to bring you a series of four FREE webinars covering a variety of topics. The webinars will be conducted this April and May. 

This October, at the Region II Head Start Association conference in the picturesque US Virgin Islands, participants will have the chance to delve into the crucial subject of lead exposure through a comprehensive course titled "Understanding Lead."

Moreover, the collaboration doesn't end there. In conjunction with the "Understanding Lead" course, a three-hour "Train the Trainer" workshop will equip attendees with the skills and resources needed to disseminate this vital knowledge further. By training trainers, the initiative aims to create a ripple effect, spreading awareness and actionable information throughout communities.

The choice of location for this event, the US Virgin Islands, serves as a poignant reminder of the urgency of addressing environmental concerns in all corners of our nation, including its territories. The conference setting not only offers a beautiful backdrop but also underscores the universal importance of safeguarding public health and environmental health quality.

This collaborative effort exemplifies the power of partnerships in tackling complex societal issues. By bringing together the expertise and resources of Region II Head Start Association and the US EPA, this initiative promises to make a tangible difference in protecting our children and communities from the harmful effects of lead exposure.

As we look forward to these upcoming opportunities, let us applaud the commitment of these organizations to fostering education, awareness, and action on this critical issue. Together, we can build safer, healthier environments for generations to come!

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